City Trolls
An average City Troll, chillaxing on his Ningir Disk.
 A City Troll differs from it's Feral cousins in much the same way as a human differs from the great apes of Tartarion. Whereas a Feral Troll is hungry, a City Troll is sated. Ferals wear crude loincloths and makshift armor; Cities are clad in spiraling luminescent body paint. Ferals live in disparate tribes; Cities live in, well, cities. 

They do share one thing though, and that's absolutely massive eyebrows. 


Immensly obese, a City Troll's frame is dominated by their belly. Not to say the rest of their body isn't incredibly bloated, but the lion's share of fat resides in their gut. Without the aid of a Ningir disk, an Adult City Troll would be completely unable to move. They have light golden skin, and black hair. Usually, male Trolls go bald, while females tend to style their hair in elaborate shifting patterns. 

Their eyes glow incredibly bright, and exude whisps of energy that sizzle in the air. Usually, they're kept shut, save for drastic situations. City Trolls rely on their disks and magical senses to naviagate for them. 

Internally, City Trolls possess a unique anatomy. Born fully flesh and blood like any other mortal race, the potent radiation that permeates their city seeps into them, and slowly replaces most of their organs with etherial counterparts. By the age of 20, all that's left is their Musculo-Skeletal structure, the rest having been long since burned away. This grants them legendary skill with the magical arts, rendering almost everything else unnecessary. 

Psychology and CultureEdit

Most City Trolls are completely unaware of the outside world, assuming that it's remained much the same since the days when their kind covered the land. They remain in isolation, hidden behind massive clay and stone walls. The religion and cuture of the City Trolls has remained more or less untouched since the Age of Myth. This is in part due to their incredible lifespans, but also has a great deal to do with a cultural stagnation on an epic level. Nothing new is created, only re-made.