Isuria is the Ashtari goddess of Knowledge, Magic, Mystery, Secrets, Study, Intellect, Wisdom. She is the daughter of Heliset and is married to Bhasr the Maker. The goddess is depicted as lithe and thin, with violet eyes and snow white hair, and the elves who share these traits are seen as blessed and have a inate gift for magic. All Valkyri of Isuria have come from elves born with these traits.

One valkyri of Isuria currently resides in the Grand Library of Universität die Magie of Sturmstadt. Her rank within the Rektor's Assembly is without equal, having become rektor over more than five major subjects. Everyone was sure that the valkyri would rise to become headmistress of the seat of learning but she gave her support to the current headmistress, Magdalia Schwarbogen.