Example of masks donned by the Queen of the Asha and her consorts.

Nephthys is the current Queen of Abydos. Her ceremonial marriage to the Four Pillars of Shambala grants her mandate over all Asha, who recognises her claim as regent of the underworld.

An enigmatic and seldom seen ruler, Nephthys seldom interacts with her people, nor outsiders, directly. Such matters are often left to her Lord Consorts, the Four Pillars, most notably Lord Anubiran of the South.

As the Asha are an enigmatic race, they are subject to speculation and storytelling by most who do not understand them or their culture. These people, believing the Asha to be "Death Elves" often confuse Queen Nephthys with Seteshka Asura , the divine Queen of the gods and The First Necromancer.

During their century of ruling, the faces of the monarchs and their consorts are considered divine, and it is forbidden to gaze upon them directly. All public appearances of the royal families are thus done with masks. This also eases the transition from royalty back to Ashan society when the century long dynasty ends.