Thal's affinity for soulweaving magic first showed itself at the age of 6, when he transfered his pet lizard's soul into his sister's doll. Not too long afterwards, the boy was followed by a small battalion of pet-sized golems, and his neighborhood found itself bereft of pets.

Despite the usefulness of his golems, Thal'Caelarion's path did not lie in the battlefield. Why should he content himself with simple carnage when he could watch his enemies' agonizing death up-close? Instead, Thal became one of the jungle elves' foremost Inquisitors. While his peers try to make their love taps survivable, Thal draws pleasure from allowing his victims to die in the most gruesome ways, knowing that they betrayed none of their secrets, only to rip them from their soul. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on whom you ask, he has yet to devise a method by which he may keep the souls from slipping through his grasp, depriving the gods of their subjects.