the sunbathed Windless sea, known for it's long periods of stillness. The narrow sea is sheltered to the west and east by a steep high coast over twenty meters tall, which is the main reason why no wind blows over the waters five out of seven days. Only three places at the northern coast slopes down to sea level. The great delta of Rosenland cuts like a fan through the elevated land, as if the mighty lightning of Zethus had carved through it. The second place is at the central bay where Lichtbuckt lies, as if a mighty axe had cut out a piece of the cliffs. The third is in south eastern Eickenmark. The small town of Stirhaven lies on this shore, a more gentle and natural slope.

At the middle of the sea the land moves in as two large fingers. here the elves put down enormous chains so that they can stop any unwatned ships to travel further northwards. The city of Sudwackten lies on a tall cliff at the southern end of the sea where it joins the great Dragon Ocean.